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"Mama always said that from a person's shoes will understand many things, where it goes, what it does, where it has been." This famous phrase of the famous movie Forrest Gump does really understand many things about the universe of shoes. Women especially have a pure love relationship for shoes! The shoe is one of the largest fetishes of our time, the designers in recent decades tend to deconstruct clothing making it more basic and minimal, it is how quickly do you explain the triumph of the accessories and especially the shoes that over the years become more and as a true female obsession.

bags and especially the shoes were to give the sexy touch to any look. He understood well the concept Lucia Viguera, Spanish footwear industry leader in the production of shoes trendy woman. Wonderful sandals with high wedges to deal with an endless day in the best way,

with a stable shoe to the foot in order to be a spirited woman! When the day does not bode well, the heat is oppressive, choose sandals high with high wedge of Viguera brand! The models range from the most basic to the most trendy and details: Colorful, fresh and youthful sandals with ankle strap, made of materials such as woven tail expertly to mo 'of embroidery that creates an effect as well as gorgeous and perforated, also elastic so transpire rolled up foot stress.

The details of the shoe are finished in leather. This particular plot often used in footwear Viguera brand that makes it in many different color shades:

from fuchsia access to pea green, mustard-colored ideal for the summer and for the sparkling and fun days, the most classic colors used for footwear such as black and blue. Also the shapes are varied: sandals with a wide belt at the foot or thinner bands, closed the front sabot model or fastened at the ankle, and even models with overlapping bands, trimmed sandals, espadrilles brilliant to wear with pants or shorts even with the capri jeans or shorts. Espadrilles shoes from the 60s are back in fashion in the last decade, Viguera produces espadrilles shoes with the special texture, made of rope, ideal to be comfortable during long walks. Other very popular Viguera sandals are certainly sandals with low wedge heel and platform that make the comfortable fit thanks to the soft insole that molds to the foot perfectly. Order now on our site a couple of Viguera shoes, 48 ​​working hours will come to your house!