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Important accessory in the wardrobe of every woman's ankle boots and can be worn with different looks.

Women's shoes with laces and two or three pairs of eyelets you can find them in suede or leather bottom crust with crepe, the best known are surely the desert boots laced adopted as a symbol of youth protests. Today, ankle boots are the perfect shoes to wear every day in the city with a pair of cargo pants rolled up at the ankle and a casual shirt, maybe in jeans, but they are perfect on many outfits.

Get addicted classic style, and try them both suede with bright colors.

They are on most for brands like: Rucoline, Nero Giardini, Versace, Janet Sport, Henry Cotton's, Calvin Klein Jeans, Byblos. 

The evergreen style can be as simple outfit for a girl who occasionally wants to feel less sophisticated, that enhances this type of shoe that has conquered women of all ages! Perfect with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, girls that combine to a jaunty dress.

The ankle boots are very comfortable, ideal for those who spend much time standing or impose for long stretches.
Their convenience makes them a model of shoe ideal for any person, to any physical and even also to every season, are in fact of the shoes that you can use both in the middle of winter without fear of slipping on the ice or to make dirty too (since they are part of those shoes that more buy more character and charm are using) is in spring, when the air warms up and begins the period of the first trips out of town, the bike rides and walks to the sea. Equally perfect on the road, because of their versatility they are comfortable with any look and since they are shoes almost exclusively made of natural colors (with forays seasonal blue and wine red) do not even have the problem of not being able to match them!
With comfortable treggings to put into ankle boots, you will always be fashionable in comfort. Feel like you're not having to foot.
Combines a nice big bag bag where you can put what you want: forgotten the endless days of work and stress, cold days and long when you think "I can not wait to be evenings to relax", with these shoes will not be so , you'll be comfortable from morning to night without thinking about anything else!

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