Young Shoes

The Young Group, founded on 1975, specializes in ceremony clothing, over the years has opened several stores located between Salerno and Province, applying many type of products, from clothing for men and women, shoes, and finally to underwear .

Young Shoes on 2014 decided to undertake a viable alternative to do shoping splashing into the e-commerce world: online shopping, Young Shoes offers his customers the opportunity to choose from the best Italian and International brands of footwear, apparel and accessories with a single click, being able to satisfy all with great kindness and attention of customers.

Young Shoes also offers the opportunity to all our users to pick up the goods at our stores or make an appointment for a test of the selected product:

Young Shoes - Salerno, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 10/12 - Tel. 0892580676

Young Shoes 1 Store

Young Shoes - Salerno, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 9 - Tel. 0893180175

Young Shoes 2 Store

Boutique Young - Bellizzi, Via Roma 169 - Tel. 082851783

Boutique Young Store

Young Underwear - Bellizzi, Via Roma 171 - Tel. 0828355243

Young Underwear Store

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