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Among the heads of underwear, the bra is undoubtedly the most strategic, also considered a true ally of women, essential to enhance the beauty of the breast and make it comfortable every move. Since it was invented she has undergone many transformations, has evolved and adapted to the needs of the times and to women's needs, becoming a mere accessory to wear with elegance today a kind of "see-through", to whet your imagination. The wide selection of bras on the market offers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of models designed to meet every need and type of clothing: from the one open in front for pregnant women than with underwire, without underwire, push up, invisible and much more, it is available in different materials and patterns, to be chosen based on usage.

Convenient and ideal to wear since adolescence but also for sports and the pool is the sports bra, or what kind shirt that contains the breast without scoring, or what Bustier, comfortable and supports the breast well during movements. Mostly used for those with big breasts are the ones with the underwire in the cup, ideal for keeping the weight better, while those without underwire are recommended for those with small breasts and not cumbersome.

And what about the lacy bras? Sensual and available without shoulder pads to seem almost invisible, they are good under any garment and are very enticing even under blouses read. Much appreciated by the very young and those who want to increase the volume of the breast is instead the push-up, perfect to bring out the forms and promote the cleavage. Padded and provided with a kind of inner pocket where to insert, if necessary, padding by another slightly elongated, almost to fish, to fill even more the underbust.

To push the breasts upwards instead the ideal model is the balconette bra, while wearing a low-cut dress is perfect behind the new adhesive bra, thin and transparent, absolutely highs and apply completely on breasts.

Sympathetic and sports bras are the triangle, characterized by triangular and suitable cups usually within one minute but claimed. Used as a model especially for the costumes, they are very feminine, ensure a natural look and dress up thanks to their geometric shape. Continuing the theme of costumes, trend is also the bandeau, which in recent years has conquered all, from the very young to adult women. This model, built without braces, but are often added detachable, it is also suitable to wear under clothes that leave bare shoulders to give a touch of class to the set.

As we could see, every occasion requires a different bra but also a different color, although generally the most sought after are the black, nude and white. Online you can find a wide selection of bras of any model, available in any cup or even in large sizes as the sixth, seventh and eighth. Prices vary of course, depending on the material and brand but you can also find bras tailored, made of special fabrics and for truly unique nuance.

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