Pierre Cardin women’s bags

Unmistakable for class and style, Pierre Cardin women’s bags add personality and character to any look. The wide range of models allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs, for work, for shopping, for important occasions.

Fashionable bags for any need

Comfortable, spacious and able to contain everything you need to stay out even all day, or small and delicious, but large enough to keep your belongings.

There are also the medium Pierre Cardin bags, ideal for those who want something discreet, without sacrificing the quality that distinguishes the women’s bags of this famous French brand.

For those who love to follow fashion trends, you can also choose from small wallets, backpacks of various sizes, always made with fine materials and processed with care.

In leather, eco-leather, leather, canvas and other innovative materials, the Pierre Cardin bags for women meet all the most different needs, and to be used for formal and informal occasions.

Types of bags for women Pierre Cardin

Among the bags of the brand most used by women we find the shoulder bag, always current and fashionable because versatile and adaptable to any outfiti. Available in different sizes, it is designed to be worn over the shoulder.

Another very popular bag is also the Messenger Bag, a bag that has a shoulder strap and is perfect when you need to have free both hands. Delicious and suitable for young women are the clutch, a bag suitable for spending an evening out, even for an important appointment.

The wallet is a small item that can contain credit cards, checkbook or money, easy to carry without any encumbrance. There are many women who exploit the wallet for daily use, considering it a real bag.

If the Pierre Cardin brand does not arouse any interest on our site you can also find the bags Valentino Handbags, another brand in the name of elegance and feminine style and more.

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