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If we think of how the leggings are common in our everyday clothing in our closets and our view, it will be difficult, almost impossible to believe that these fouseaux are relatively recent in the history of fashion. What not everybody knows, in fact, is that

leggings were used are ancient, but by soldiers! In fact were very comfortable garments to be used during the battles below the cold armor: served to keep the hot legs and repaired and therefore not directly in contact with the metal.

After the Second World War was Emilio Pucci to discover and redraw those all 'era were called Viva pants feature a special elastic loop which remains under the sole of the foot while keeping the fabric taut. Named later fouseaux, clearly deriving from the end zone, reminiscent of the tapered shape of women while wearing them. How could they go unnoticed leggings worn by beautiful Haudrey Hepbourn, icon of style and beauty in the film Sabrina? Since then the leggings had a real boom, all the women began to wear them and continued to have female fans around the world and to be more and more popular for their comfort. Tramontati in the '90s was the Max Mara brand to present in 2006 a collection of mini-dresses paired with leggings blacks and high heels. The innovation was this: until now were only the leggings were worn with flat shoes gymnastic generally canvas models, and then went out of fashion because it too sports and simple: thinking obviously contrasting with the eccentricity of the 90s.

The surprising combination of leggings with by whom it was a real success. Thus was born the fashion of long sweaters with leggings and high boots.

From then on all the fashion houses and designers have incorporated them in various collections, varying decoration: denim, solid color, stripes or flowers, black & white, striped or spotted animal, liquid latex in clinging, with sequins or glitter colors fluo. The world of legging is vast and infinite. But why are they so loved? Because they are a perfect match between comfort and style. Convenience because they are made of stretch fabric and therefore easier to move without encumbrance, style because

the woman feels sexy thanks to the fact that the leggings adhering to the legs brings out and enhances the forms.

Beware, the leggings will have some flaw? The answer is yes: the leggings is not recommended for those too spindly legs do not have them, especially when used with flat shoes. On our site you will find a wide selection of leggings of the best brands, choose and order now, you will arrive in 24/48 hours and you can combine them as you like by creating an ever-new look with a simple but never boring fouseaux.

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