Knit Top for sale on line

Used for the most important occasions. You can for example wear under a jacket for work , to be sexy with style.

There are some women's clothing that are used in some specific occasions and maybe occasionally, such as jogging suits we use it mainly for the sport, or the suit is used during important meetings work. And then there are those items of clothing that we always use in any outfit, whether elegant or trendy, it's day or night knows, summer or winter! We speak of the top woman! These garments are definitely much loved and appreciated by women of every age and every place, because they are certainly indispensable.

Really refined in fact this type of pairing. Wear a simple top, perhaps mono or texture not too elaborate, with a stylish jacket with a special collar. If we use a simple linear cut jacket from maybe monochrome, we can dare and wear a top fancier with embroidery, applications or rhinestones. Also great to be elegant in a ceremony, you can choose a light colored or pastel in summer and counter it with a dark sleeve, an open trench coat, a jacket or with the combination that most prefer! Certainly there is no standard version of the top, but there are many models and variants. It starts from a basic version which may be a top sleeveless adhering to the bust thanks to locations on the back and at the front to expand in a wide range of models. There are of course the models close to the body and rigid, or the elastic models. In the past they were made as of the corsets with whalebone and laces at the back so as to be closed and tight to get the coveted wasp waist and also served to support the breast. They were made with fine fabrics, regarded as underwear so full of lace, embroidery and lace. The favorite color was mostly white color, a favorite color for underwear era.

Even now we have the rigid top models, but most are used under clothing, but rather above.

The top is a valuable ally for the combinations of every day, but at night it can be really sexy! Just think of the top covered with lace but also simpler ones that can be made with or without straps, semi-rigid so as to enhance the forms, hide flaws and highlight the advantages! For a very special and sensual outfits we combine a top bodice without sleeves with a semi-tight jeans and high-heeled sandals, perhaps in the same texture of the bust, this pairing is impeccable, you'll always be the center of attention. Choose on our website all matches you want! Choose your online clothing, tops, jeans, shoes and purse that match it! Add to cart your outfits and 24/48 hours everything will come to your home.

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