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Also called "clutch", but more commonly known as the "clutch" small handbags generally without handles, are the must-have that complete the perfect look for a special evening or an elegant ceremony. Small and perfect for storing the bare minimum (sometimes even just the lipstick!), The clutch is a must! We are mainly used to the idea of

glittering clutch and full of rhinestones and when we think it is inevitable to think of the statuesque and beautiful Hollywood stars on the famous red carpet showing off their most flashy look

always posing for journalists and photographers with an impeccable smile and a flashy clutch in hand. The clutch, but luckily they are not only exclusive to Oscar night, but are really for all of us! No longer just evening gowns with long trains, but also linear shift dresses elegant total black for apericena with a bright clutch bag covered with sequins and rhinestones. But as we have said can also be used with summer dresses with floral motifs for the younger, maybe in fabric or in soft pastel colors combined with even brighter colors. But not only with skirts or sheath dresses, clutches are ideal for illuminating even the simplest outfit, perhaps with a leggings and a tight-fitting top, a cleavage with vertiginous heels, and a beautiful pouch that completes the look.

Clutch jewel then, but also a bit 'more trendy as we have seen to match with the clothes a bit' more informal, fresh and youthful,

accessory that can never be lacking in an important occasion, what unites the clutch is always the size: small or even "mini", therefore, to take in hand, without handles and without shoulder strap. That is fine fabric like satin satin, or fantasy, or the jewel applications or mini-studs, the bag clutch is definitely the accessory you need to liven up your look. By now all the major fashion brands also produce the clutch, of all colors, fabrics and patterns, so you can mix it to your liking depending on our character, flair and look. They range from soft and shiny clutch Black simple and straightforward Gardens, all'elegantissima Valentino clutch, rigid, with bright and elegant colors like cobalt blue or red, rich in detail, with the metal logo on the closure that enhances the aesthetics . But also in real leather, or covered in lace, clutch bags are really for every taste and for every combination, choose your favorite in combination with cleavage on our site, in 24/48 hours will be at your home.

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