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As it is simplistic to define the jeans woman an "item of clothing" or a pair of trousers! Over 50 years have a way of being, a way of expressing one's being! Does not exist in the world and throughout the history of fashion a leader who has entered so by force in and look in the closet of every person, every culture, every age, every gender, every continent like the jeans: unites us is a universal language. Born in California in the mid-1800s as a working garment used for the gold diggers who worked kneeling on the banks of rivers and mining, and had therefore they need strong and resistant fabrics. We have to say thanks to a man named Levi Strauss ladies who created this so resistant fiber that was immediately appreciated by the miners. Towards the end of the century instead they sell reinforced with copper buttons some more "sensitive points" tear like pockets. In a few decades turns from work to fashion dress garment, thanks to the popularity they have had with the use by American cowboys who favored these leaders for their resistance. In addition to the American cinema of the fifties conquered the world of young people and enter their homes together with the first idols of film and rock and roll: are worn dark blue color from the myth of all times:

James Dean in the film burned Youth who likes to combine a wind jacket and white t-shirt. But not only James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan all the stars and the sex symbol.

And not just in those years, in fact, jeans are never out of fashion 50 years ago as now the jeans are loved and worn by current stars, perhaps the only thing that has changed is that over the years the jeans are also entered the arrogance and fortunately in the female wardrobe. No longer just man models, then. It was during the youth protests of the 60s that jeans turned into unisex uniform, continuing to spread with the hippies of the 70's who love them stained, torn, paintings and begin to transform them according to their tastes. Over the centuries the jeans were never set aside or set aside, but have been increasingly valued by all designers. There is a designer who did not create fashion collections with jeans!

Practical, comfortable, simple, and very, very sexy, the driving head of our daily outfits. The current fashion wants them clinging.

Their beauty lies in the fact that more and more are used are beautiful and special, perhaps with the used effect that is often replicated on purpose on the models, detail of torn or worn, bleached, jeans have the ability to be more and more beautiful ... from old! The practicality of jeans instead is that we really can wear them with any look. With an oversize sports sweatshirt What goes better than a tight-fitting jeans? We just bought a top super tight and sexy? Match jeans with special details such as lace inserts, sequins, embroidery, will make the outfit even more refined and sophisticated. Choose on our website on your favorite jeans with matching shoes and a top, in maximum 48 working hours comes around to your house!

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