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Edas is a brand growing in stylish clothing industry, class and quality. Worn and seen on TV wearing a number of celebrities, is a specialized women in clothing brand for a young woman who likes style without sacrificing comfort. Edas The dressen elegant was founded in 2005 by a pool of Roman merchants from the large family spent in the business. The project starts at first to fulfill the dream of the young lady with a few corners in more asking for a way to dress comfortably without sacrificing taste and the tendency. Currently Edas as the woman emphasizing the harmony, the character, femininity also producing ladies garments up to size 54, women's clothing curvy and plus sizes. Every leader knows how to be appreciated for its

practical and original style in every moment of the day, always with elegance and versatility.

This creative force is characterized by continuous innovation, not just in the apparel industry, but is also expressed through the glamorous range of accessories, footwear, bags and accessories that are not only useful for women today, but have become real and its objects also essential to complete the look. Clothes that are a must have for the career woman, elegant although for everyday, real mix between fashion and abstraction, suitable for women who love to feel at their best.

If you love something more basic, you can opt for a fantastic and classic little black dress: an evergreen that no woman can say no.
Edas is a company that works and grows, attentive to every detail, in search of materials, the quality and care of the finish; an established reality rather successful among the final consumers of a niche area such as women's clothing over size. Classic clothing for the career woman, yes, but also youthful and fresh clothing of an innovative line and the bright colors for the younger who want more cheeky and fresh forms.
Research and style are entrusted to a close-knit designer duo who, with extraordinary creative work, ensures the brand Edas unmistakably a contemporary character. The clothes are made in Italy in all the processes: from design to production and the sorting. The quality of Italian style you know it is now known and appreciated throughout the world. And recently it launched on the market a new line: the luxyry collection that immediately had a great success among women who have had loved the refined elegance of the products.

An innovative product with endless possibilities to mix and combinations, responds extremely well to all the demands of women, even the most demanding. The Luxury Collection Edas is characterized by fine fabrics and use of accessories that embellish the outfits making them real leaders jewelry for chic occasions.

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