Man loafers shoes online

Considered "old shoes", a term for too many years that does not do justice to these shoes a thousand uses and a thousand looks.
Loafers were born as man shoes "comfortable"

Man, comfort derived from the same form, low shoe that wraps the foot with soft leather or suede leather, usually without any kind of lacing, and also comfortable and versatile to slip and slide in a moment. It began as a shoe to wear with elegant trousers, usually of dark colors, black, brown, blue or gray. Very popular in the 70s, finally loafers today have had their revenge! The features are always the same: comfortable, low, quick and easy to wear, but the target has changed, moccasins are also worn by youngsters with stylish clothing, but also with casual wear, sportswear. In addition the colors change: the moccasins surprise for bright colors, intense blue, canary yellow, cherry red, green grass; each color can be matched to a different outfits. Remain always chic but with a modern interpretation with different colors and different materials. When using colored moccasins is best not to overdo it with the color scheme and use a "neutral" outfit to avoid overboard with the colors creating a "rainbow effect". The moccasin white instead is ideal in summer, the light color repels heat, the fabric is breathable skin making your feet cool and dry.
Additionally, the loafers , combined with a shorts and a polo shirt, are also the footwear of choice for those who love boating, for an effect and a seventies style and retro. Besides the loafers and the pole I have always been an inseparable pair: it will be for the simplicity of the lines is the pole that the loafers who do very "American storty soul", or for the convenience and versatility of both.
The materials par excellence in which they are made loafers are brushed calfskin leather or suede, but for the younger kids can also use synthetic materials for a review of the loafers man in a modern way.
loafers are also used, in addition to holiday and leisure, for the office and work.
You know, the more sexy and chic man is always man palestrato with trendy clothes, but most of the time, the most intriguing man is mature and confident man though, a confidence that you also evident from the way of being and way of dressing. Clothing with a classic revisited classics panatoli and often a shirt, with a soft loafers , make them a very charming man in its simplicity.
from old shoes? I would not say, discover the many faces of loafers man!

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