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Long with a lot of trawling perfect for the catwalk or red carpet sheath short aperitif happy hour, elegant wedding or a cool summer for a sunny day, the woman's dress is a must in every wardrobe, obviously more of a model in order to have more and more outfits ready for our adventures! The dress is what makes the feminine woman, and it was always so over the years. In fact, the woman has started wearing clothes whole since prehistoric times, and so on dress has crossed various periods, transforming, evolving, becoming exasperated with traits for the shape and exasperating for the wearer.

Such as eccentric women's clothes 1700 worked with whalebone and crinoline for the "saddle" effect on the rear thanks to the numerous curls and real work scaffolding knows that tailors architects: then the beauty was actually a subjective plus the skirt was swollen and thin wasp waist

more attractive the woman was fashionable. From these opulent lines slowly and thankfully we moved away us with the arrival of the wars: the Prohibition period in which it was actually against the law to use too much fabric for woman clothing because you had to use the money for precious silks in other ways: for example to feed themselves. Here then is that the skirts are getting shorter and they become longuette below the knee, worn strictly with silk stockings with visible stitching on the back. With women also dresses get shorter and consequently become clothes from hourglass shape with broad shoulders, narrow waists and wide hips: the typical shape of the woman of 50 years.

But when you think the dress the mind inevitably goes to the 60s, where the clothes become sexy and very short to wear with vertiginous wedges.

Inventor of skirts so in vogue, Mary Quant that revolutionized the history of fashion forever. The short dresses fact today are definitely the most loved and sought after by women, although in recent years the long gown is definitely coming back into fashion. A predominate though always short dress that is loved by teenagers and women in career. The little black dress Audrey Hepburn that we have always seen as a sign of elegance, has always been a must of refinement and every woman has at least one closet to wear not only on important occasions, but also for a drink when we need to be on top and get noticed not for the transgression, but for simplicity, already because beauty is simple, not artificial. Choose a beautiful dress on our website and adherent classic sheath dress, or a cool and colorful dress Desigual, create and mix your own style with our products, clothes, shoes and accessories, come to your home in 24/48 hours.

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