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There is a common element in women's clothing, casual sportswear style or elegant daytime look or evening is the beloved shirt. The shirt is one of those classic always used, never out of fashion, in the 'arc of the centuries has undergone constant evolution. Used both for men with soldier's uniform, which the woman over the bodice, the shirt is a garment characterized by a series of generally the front buttons, and also at the ends of the sleeves with buttons locked. Much also used by farmers to the hard work of the fields, the history of the shirt has no beginning and no end, but only evolution to get to this day.

A leader loved by all, there is a wardrobe free of them and their particular refinement is the fact that it is adaptable to a multitude of occasions. Surely it is the classic par excellence for the career woman who needs to have a certain kind of elegance in clothing.

The classic combination jacket and black skirt with white shirt tucked into the skirt, it is never the past (and probably never will) fashion. Obviously the classic shirt is white, the straight line with pleats, but we start from this model to arrive at an infinite number of variations and colors. To be worn with suits the colors always remain sober pastel colors or the classic blue, black, brown. The shirts can have applications on the front, pleated, rhinestones on the collar, sleeves ham and many high variants. As already said the shirt is not only an elegant head, but can also be used in more casual styles and for those who love the unisex clothing. Very interesting fact, the casual style with used look jeans and a shirt does not belong above, to choose the color and shape that we prefer, maybe a shirt with a masculine edge. This look will be comfortable and impeccable for anyone who wants to stand out from the common style. Very nice and are always appreciated shirts fantasy: patchwork effects, stripes, Texas-style paintings, floral patterns or else! The blouses will be comfortable throughout. Very popular are always the checkered shirts in all color variants:

Oversized worn with the clinging leggings and refined accessories, you will always be beautiful and trendy, as well as very practical and convenient.

Very interested are certainly also cut tight shirts with pleats at front and back, to really put in a thousand ways: jeans, leggings, classic skirts, elegant trousers Our site has chosen and proposes you the best shirts, brands and quality competitive prices, already selected for you. If you order now, in 24/48 hours will come to your home with a few simple clicks!

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