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The man belt has the function of support for clothing such as pants, objects or merely decorative. The belt men might seem like a relatively modern accessory, but it is not. In fact the history of man belt is really long, even born in prehistoric times, and over the centuries has always followed the men's fashion, habits, customs and lifestyles of men. Its origins can be traced back to prehistoric times we have been found remains of metal belts of the Bronze Age. In ancient times it was used to distinguish the military rank, religious or civil.

In humans, once fastened the belt "language" over the buckle, he must end on the right side while the woman on the left side:

this because in humans, since ancient times the various types of belts were not to give "bother" the extraction of the sword (worn on the left side and extracted with right hand) to which the terminal part was on the right side in order to avoid hindrance . As we said belts men followed the fashion, clothing and even the story. For centuries, in fact, the belt had the 'ominous task of holding the weapons here is the belt for swords to guns, or even to hold the bags as we see in films set in the far west. Today, fortunately, the role of the belts has changed.

As a man belts we find a 'infinity of models for every style and every taste. For the man in a classical career we find the beautiful and refined leather belts.

The leather belts men have always been the most loved and appreciated not as a man who loves the elegant style but also by young people as they are a sign of quality, made in Italy and style. It has a very long tradition of creating strictly by hand in leather belt with stitching and metal buckle. The leather used is the classic veal, lamb, goat, all with different characteristics. Obviously the belt also changes depending on the smoothness of the skin and processing belts are often stiffened volunteered to be stronger and more functional. Many designers who produce accessories for the youngest as Calvin Klein have made slugs belt made of fabric or rigid and buckle. The fabric can be of various colors or simple classic monochrome. Often on the same belt we find the mark in view of the designer. No more black or brown only the point: Today 's man loves daring with colorful belts to match them to alternative and trendy look. On our site you can find a wide selection of branded men's belts, classic or trendy, to pair with your favorite jeans with belt view, the most classic trousers, or to simple and summer shorts. Make a gift to your partner now, in 24/48 hours deliver it to your door! Maybe you can choose on our site a beautiful combination formed by belt and shoes or belt man and shoulder bag, your gift will surely be appreciated!

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