Slip : Lingerie for women on line

Among the leaders of women's underwear slip is among those who draw attention to the care of the definitions, the tissues and especially for the fit. Thanks to continuous innovations proposed by the most famous brands that produce women's lingerie for all tastes and needs, the pants are an accessory intended not only to protect the private parts but to be shown under clothing to attract the partner, arousing passion and desire . That this garment becomes precious to be worn under a dress that invites you to discover the intimate side through imagination. The underwear collections offer a variety of slip models including the classic pant not very Sgambati, the culotte, ideal even for large sizes, but also models like boxers, thongs, Brazilian, thong, often to do in full with the same bra or combined and create a lovely look even under clothing.

The boxer, for example, is a panty rather comfortable to use to stay in place during the day and for physical activity: in fact, is restraining and tightens without pressing letting the skin breathe even when moving. Lots of color proposals on the market variations, often enhanced by an elastic waist in contrast that gives a pleasant and witty effect. Also love the thong, thinner than the classic slip and panty front and rear. The back of this garment is in fact smaller than the front but is structured so as to have a piece of cloth on the sides that holds it and makes it adhere to the body.

Even more audacious is the thong, thong slightly different from some details: in fact, compared to the latter the thong is even tighter in the back often characterized by a thin strip of fabric, almost a thread that totally leaves the seat and it is very suitable to wear under pants so as not to see the signs of underwear.

Sexy and sought is also the Brazilian: this garment looks like an interlude between tanga and thong in that, even if the back is smaller than a normal slip, also covers a small part of the seat. Suitable to wear under elegant and chic dresses, it is a must-have accessory to feel pleasantly comfortable and seductive even on important occasions. For the most transgressive the proposal of the Brazilian leopard is certainly a choice to be seized to dress the most fashionable underwear.

Find panties to wear for any occasion is easy! The sale online gives a chance to go shopping in the desired store and choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics the preferred one in the most suitable to wear for the occasion model. Many fabrics available, satin, cotton, stretch, lace, silk, with embroidery or applications, rhinestone decorations, all kinds of prints and many variations that allow you to create the perfect combinations to meet any need. Prices vary depending on the materials and the brand chosen and can range from an economical slip to a more expensive without any difficulty until you find the right one that meets the preferences.

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