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Bikkembergs shoes online

unmistakable style that combines sensuality and sport in a single shoe.

Bkkembergs shoes were officially born in 1986, when the Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs creates and presents his first fashion collection, a collection of Bikkembergs shoes only, which will be joined in a few years by the clothes and accessories designed by the designer.i The design of Bikkembergs shoes is a unique design of its kind and derives from the desire of the designer to reconcile the sensuality of fashion with the strength of sport.

Two worlds that meet to create a unique style.

Two different worlds, that of fashion and that of sport, meet and harmonize perfectly in Bikkembergs shoes and create a unique and unmistakable style, a style that has always been highly appreciated, especially by those who prefer an easy and sporty look. but it does not give up that particular touch that does not go unnoticed and that only Bikkembergs shoes can give. However, Bikkembergs shoes are not just men's shoes. Bikkembergs's vision started from a purely masculine style, but over the years it has expanded, creating Bikkembergs shoes for women and children too, so much so that today the models available are countless and for all tastes. Sneakers or ankle boots, Bikkembergs shoes are available in many models and in many different colors.

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