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Tunics and blouses are the fashion for soft woman par excellence: perfect for keeping the elegance even when wearing plus sizes. Blouse (from French blouse) is a type of female shirt, especially large and often held at the waist with a belt or a band.
Initially the blouse was born as a working garment of female office during the last periods of the Victorian era. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the blouse will "evolve" at the head of the most elaborate and sophisticated clothing, and becomes part of the casual wardrobe of many women. The heyday for the trendy blouse though dates back to the eighties. And today how I dress? This is the big question that every morning brings together the majority of women. Different ages, different styles, but each in search of his perfect look and a women's clothing can represent them. When you have to choose a dress for an occasion more important instead it becomes more complicated!

During a ceremony a woman needs to feel beautiful and admired but also at home, and every woman knows that you feel at ease mainly if you feel sexy and comfortable.

One of the choices for which you can choose is definitely the blouse! Blouses and tunics worn certainly not as a fallback, but as a garment star of your look! The blouse is typically broad and obviously can be achieved in different models. He may have uncovered shoulders, kimono sleeves, bat or even armholes. They can be stopped at the waist or hips by elastic band, ribbons, laces or applications. Blouses and tunics are always made of soft material around the curves of even the most shapely hiding defects and emphasizing the merits of each individual figure. The materials used are varied: from the finest silk-like, to smooth, with soft tissues in general.

Ideal to be matched with blacks pants, aside from the cigarette classic models adherents and straight, you can combine it with blacks tight pants regoular model or fashion pants leg again!

Mixa your look combining them with slim skirts will always be at the top! If you browse through the categories of our site, you'll find pretty much everything: hundreds of models of all kinds, bags, wallets shoes, and again, pants, blouses, shirts, etc. It's up to you to know how to combine as you like and as you like. Many ideas, insights and cult items to have an enviable outfits, if you need suggestions on what and how to wear it and suggestions for pairings, write us! You have a sweet personality and love the feminine style? Choose a soft jersey, with floral patterns and complete the look with the romantic and refined accessories! Order now! In just 48 hours to your home!

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