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Showing 1 - 12 of 228 items
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Desigual online dresses and bags

Innovation, polychrome, cheerfulness are definitely the hallmarks of Desigual, a leading company founded in Spain in 1984 by Thomas Meyer producing clothing and fashion accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves for men, women and children, with an unmistakable style.
Our center is in Barcelona, facing the Mediterranean, the place where she was born, the company is critical and continues to inspire the creators and designers such as lines and colors. The color of the mother foaming is reported in many products, such as the bright color of the beach and the Spanish Movida. The Desigual brand, in addition to the imposing headquarters, where ideas are born, is in more than 100 countries. Bold and enthusiastic, they never stop dreaming and let us also dream.

The desigual bags of spreading optimism, creativity and, above all, fun.

The lines, so sinuous, like them at all! In the most gloomy and rainy days in winter where the predominant colors only black, gray, brown, accessories and a bag Desigual bag with its cheerful colors, will restore warmth to your day, also making it the sunniest people more pouting.

"All people have something unique and different, and this is our inspiration. We do not create fashion. We create emotions, the creative freedom is what shapes our individuality. "This then is the slogan that Desigual wants to make everyone feel.
Unique items for Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes, Living, Sports and Beauty, which are distributed through 17 different channels, including 500 owned stores and franchises, 8,000 multi-brand spaces, 2,500 corner, more than 20 online stores.
On our site you will find some of the best cases and accessories Desigual chosen for you. They will come to your home in 24/48 hours ordered comfortably with a simple click.
The online desigual bags like them because they are made with new materials and shapes for all occasions (like a shopper who turns or a super trendy bag purse), the finishes are always very comfortable and the amazing details. The online desigual bags Spring / Summer 2016 collection tempt you want, choose the model you bag to match a scarf to be always chic and trendy and also find many online desigual clothing on our site, as well as all short dresses on sale line to choose from, you can combine and mix together.

An explosion of bright colors. Colors, embroidered flowers, mirrors, beads and various details take you traveling in India

soft bags and trendy, with sequins, embroidered details and patchwork 100% Desigual.
The beauty is that the Desigual look are suitable for many occasions:
The city, the sea or the countryside? Wherever you go, we have the look that you need. Choose and enjoy the scarves, shoes, clothes and handbags essential selected for you.
Wandering, lost, jump from terrace to terrace ... A city claims vivid and bold look. Put clothes in the suitcase, jeans and versatile jackets that resist from sunrise to sunset. And do not forget the accessories! In the country, you have to feel super comfortable, but without sacrificing style. Our skirts, T-shirts and desigual online clothes that fit to any excursion are perfect for your summer. And combined with a pair of floral sneakers show off their sexiest face!