Petticoat women lingerie on line

Symbol of femininity par excellence, the petticoat witness the end of a period of social constraint for the woman who was also reflected in the underwear. Invented the mid-800, this head of intimate simple but effective put to tender corsets and knickers that until then dominated by preventing the body movements and stressing the inferior status of women. The petticoat saw its birth in this difficult environment but soon became the favorite of all because light, easy to wear plus convenient to wrap the body in soft tissues and fluids. For a long time understood as a skirt that separated separates the dress from direct contact with the skin, saw a rapid evolution over time until it turns into a real item of women's underwear, very chic and elegant, a mixture of outwear and underwear to show off on numerous occasions.

Extraordinary evolution of undergarment

The transformation of the petticoat has made a cult of women's underwear, also appreciated and used by young girls who see this head seducing a valuable ally to model forms and enhance the line. A revolutionize women's underwear, then over the petticoat even bras, panties, petticoat, and more have been especially innovative fabrics, especially a stretch, which allowed to create garments from the action contenitiva specifically designed to enhance the silhouette. Very suitable to wear under the wedding dress, preferably in silk, her slip is therefore a valuable and refined head, perfect to wrap the body softly on special occasions but also to wear the night instead of the classic baby doll for women who love always be sexy and seductive.

An intimate boss can transform in seconds

A few years back the resurgence of the intimate and we are witnessing a radical change in women's preferences: the petticoat back with arrogance and rage and discover it with great interest are the girls who thought this item of lingerie as something old but that they have seen in it a perfect tool when you need to change your look. Even for women who usually wear jeans and T-shirt, this shirt is ideal to wear under the robe and sit comfortably on the sofa reading or watching TV, but it is also an ideal tool to tease the male desire. Presented in the walkways of the best international brands, this year the sale of the undergarment exceed all expectations and captivate even much public thanks to innovations with lace inserts, satin and other fabrics that add charm and sensuality. For the slip appears that most suits your needs simply scroll through the images of the online stores and start shopping right away: a wide range of models, fabrics and colors will be on hand to find the desired head, simple, daring, elaborate, depending to the requirements. Most Popular colors are black, nude and white, but it's also strong red and blue, as well as the delicate and vibrant shades to suit all tastes.

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