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The pants without a doubt is one of the clothing that certainly can not miss in our closet; but history tells us that the fashion for us women the way to win them over was very, very long. Even 7 November 1800 an order of the Paris Police Prefecture banning women from dressing like a man! For this reason, it soon becomes clear that the history of women's pants is long, but they can then wear ... well that is a 'different story! But fashion makes us free and confident. The woman struggling as they say with nails and teeth, over the centuries gained its freedom to vote, expression, sexuality and freedom of dress up! But they had to just wait the 30's and 40's to make sure that this seductive leader take over thanks to the courage of the diva Marlene Dietrich who dressed in full suit and strictly masculine pants. During World War II, women often wore trousers because replaced men in factories and fields, but with the end of the war he returned now to clothes and women. Use your pants on formal occasions for women was still frowned upon during the most in, while leisure evenings were still used capris, shorts etc. Indeed the beauty of the pants is also this:

countless models and variants for every occasion, for every taste.

Here then I cropped to the ankle adherents are perfect with heels, both with gym shoes converse style. The first outfit is ideal for chic disco nights, cocktails with friends, combined with a top and high heels. In the second case, you can use a sports capri shoe and gymnastics, to be combined with polo shirt or t shirt. A classic for the woman is certainly stylish trousers with center crease on the front. The most used is certainly the one with the classic line "cigarette" can be combined with jackets and shirts for work, and when you need to be elegant in style. The pants as we have seen, up to the first few decades ago were even banned in some places! But in the 60 women they began to truly appreciate the convenience and practicality of menswear, choosing to wear trousers both for business or social events. Women's suits, refined, at that point, thanks to Yves Saint Laurent, becomes famous and important. In the 80s, however, it was Giorgio Armani to make the protagonists pants, men with authority to become the symbol of the emerging career woman and that look flaunted by really powerful women. Wear pants certainly not an obligation, but certainly a great alternative for women who do not like to show off their legs. On our site you will find a wide selection of women's pants! Choose now your model and size, in 24/48 hours will come to your home.

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