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The Ballerina, dance shoes become one of the more worn shoes by women, shoes chic, bon ton and sophisticated, a unique style of many colors, the secret of the dancers is to reconcile opposites and put all women agree, are elegant and extremely comfortable at the same time. These shoes are versatile to suit all generations and not very young, short, are for women seeking comfort, always fashionable and perfect for use in different occasions for all seasons.

This type of shoe has become famous thanks to icons such as Brigitte Bardot who wore a pair of red fire dancers in the film Et Dieu crea la femme, the dancers Women exert a subtle charm and timeless many brands are inspired to create many models such as embellished with bows, contrasting borders, with jewel flowers, buckles short boots are suitable for everyday use, there are also alternatives evening with heels, shoes Very soft and pliable pamper your feet and you can use as and when you want.

Young notes in our store Shoes the many models of ballerinas and many of you will be inspired outfit you have in your closet.

The versatility of these models is so varied, because they lend them selves to look like '50s classic dresses to dance but also in a contemporary way, combining them with jeans, a crop top. For example the dancers in leather, patent leather or satin can indulge your imagination with gritty look. But remember they are also romantic shoes there are also delicate patterns.
Select one or more dancers in our store Young Shoes Salerno; and you will certainly be satisfied of comfort that the elegance of the models on display.

There are two things that do not get enough. Good friends and good shoes.
(Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City)


They often wear clothes and objects of incredible stories, but just as unknown to many of us.

The dancers, inspired by dance shoes, made famous in the 50s thanks to film stars like Brigitte Bardot, who wore a model created by Repetto in the film "And God Created Woman", they have become in recent years the most popular shoes from we women, ensuring comfort without sacrificing style.
Think before 1500 this type of footwear were male, in fact their comfort made them ideal for addressing the most of a full day.
Shoes since the time they had some importance, in fact in the Middle Ages each shoe determined the status of the wearer.
Today what they represent?

The shoes for the female population are not just simple accessories but ways of being.

The dancers have been sported by many VIPs, such as forgetting the dancers Rockstud Valentino worn by Jennifer Lopez, the dancers pointed silver Jessica Alba and Jaime King? Here, the injury has been overtaken by big Star.

For those in search of women's shoes low stylish these are certainties of style, those in paint and leather are undoubtedly the most recurrent themes, and for those with a small stature? No problem! From Young Shoes you find a wide range of dancers and for those who say the height is half beauty can buy these wonderful shoes: Braccialini Ballerina Mid Wedge woman, available on the online store.

The dancers have a very low type of shoes that are well suited to all styles, from the most elegant to the everyday. Jacqueline Kennedy also crazy about these shoes, much to do with it pack a new pair a month. The model of classical dancer is the one with a slightly rounded tip but lately is very fashionable.

The choice of the dancers is very dependent on the season, in fact, in the summer is very suitable for a dancer open at the tip and very light and breathable fabric with bright colors for the autumn and winter it is better to prefer the dancers closed maybe leather with dark colors.
Not recommend it to those who have unfortunately a number of feet large enough to prefer the tips because stretch more feet a rounded instead manages to camouflage the whole.

Furthermore this kind of shoes are very customizable, flakes, drawings and studs can be applied to embellish them.

Do you want to complete your outfit? By Young Shoes you can buy comfortably from home a pair of shoes ONLINE reflecting the most of your personality. The site is stocked with the best brands and surely you will find the right model for you!

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