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Lately, the classic style is often put aside to look more casual and sports that generally are more comfortable, functional and loved by young people. But the classic style, meaning both clothing and accessories such as shoes, that's another matter!
The classic shoe can not be matched to any look or carried by anyone! In order to wear the classic shoe ... it says the term itself: you have to have class. But not class understood as a mere clothing, class in the way of being, in the way of being, otherwise the classic shoe, not only loses its value, but it would be "out of tune".
In this age we are used to run and do not have time to take care of ourselves, slow down, relax, everything has to be fast, immediate.
We ask our clothing that is practical, comfortable and we prefer casual style shoes and capable of adapting to our hectic and fast-paced.
With all this busyness we lost the desire to dress elegantly, to have time to assemble the garments and choose them with taste in every occasion. The casual wear is practical, yes, but the man dressed in an elegant way, is a reassuring man, sensual and so loved by women of all ages.
The beauty and elegance of a nice suit with shirt and tie is enhanced, strengthened and complemented by a dark-skinned classic shoe, without which, any outfit would be incomplete.

The classic shoe with laces in black leather is the most loved and the one that matches the stylish look.

The man dressed in business suit with not only makes us think immediately mature man, but gives us a feeling of security and also of professionalism.
For the man holding the style, career, beauty can not give up a dress finished in every detail, it's never sloppy. The line of pants and bends it must be perfect to be able to combine a classic lace-up shoe as essential.
The traditional clothing of course is gettonato for ceremonies, at which it is often difficult to make the right combinations, but with the ideal shoe, every suit with tie or bow tie will be impeccable.
The classic clothing is as essential for men who want to remember the tradition of dressing well and for that touch of sophistication that never hurts, and never goes out of style.
In addition to the most classic black lace-up we also have the equally appreciated shoe dark brown, perfect with pinstripe suits or pants from the wider cut and comfortable.
Instead, as regards the lace-blue, there is more attention to do. If black is the classic color par excellence, the blue is not far behind, even on occasion as summer ceremonies, blue ocean is even more refined and elegant. Obviously there is always to be careful, blue and black combination is absolutely to be avoided.
Finds the desire to dress well, pick your classic men's shoe with a single click will come to your home in 24/48 h by courier!

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