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A particular " suit " model for years with its transformations did crazy women all over the world.

The overalls also called "jumpsuit" suits are back in fashion in recent years in the women clothing, thanks to the reinterpretations of the most important designers who have paraded on catwalks around the world, entering immediately in the top ten of the most popular clothing in Hollywood and beyond: they are in fact of course revenue claim even in the closets of any woman who loves to follow fashion and loves to appear. Particularly suited to dry and long-limbed physical, the overalls jumsuit, hint at physical and curves, so they are not very suitable (at least those members) to curvy physical. Hollywood then, but you know that this type of suit is an invention all Italian? Yeah, it was seen for the first time in 20 wonderful years of Florence in which style of women is on the east reminder, the so-called "style odalisque".

At the perfect forms of the body, or they can also be wider tunic style. This variant is in fact formed by a jacket with the sleeve to ride, the neckline that can be V-shaped, square, round, and have stops at the waist, above the navel by an elastic band that can be more or less thin.

Below the elastic band depart pants are high-waisted and can be depending on the model, large or more members.

These dungarees woman can be elegant suits or overalls more sports and cheeky. Typically dungarees elegant woman is made of black, often with the inserts are other fabric, lace, or even rhinestones and sequins applications. Very unique and refined is the effect that these suits make with the with elegant heels: if you want to wear a major cleavage you want to point out, choose a stylish overalls with tight pants to the ankle, will emphasize foot and shoe making you sexier . Less "formal" instead colored overalls from the lively and fresh touch, ideal for the younger ones, are in light colors, pastel monochrome, or textured and geometric or floral patterns. Ideal for those who love fashion, follow the latest trends with style and simplicity. For those with tapered legs can also be worn with sports sneakers, colorful converse or low style "Positano fashion" sandals to show it off in the preferred seaside resort or for your long-awaited summer trip. Choose now one of dungarees elegant suits, on our site you will find different brands at your disposal to choose from and in 24/48 hours.

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