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As everyone knows, in the 'feminine outfits there are a vast array of more or less essential accessories that she likes in order to feel feel more beautiful, and of course all these accessories do not have a purely aesthetic purpose, but they are certainly useful, such as the scarf. The history of the scarf is certainly not recent, indeed. Particularly in vogue especially the men scarves over the centuries 1700 and 1800 when they were also worn scarves to distinguish the social status by soldiers, the simple farmers, the politicians of the time. In the countryside it was generally used by farmers to absorb sweat and repaired by chills. The scarf based on the color, the fabric and even the way to tie it in the neck, once called the name of a person. Over the years, the scarves are far from fashion past, worn even under the strictest periods and not just for warmth,

scarves have become arrogance real fashion accessories that reflect our style and complement our outfits.

The finest are ideal to be worn with evening sheath dresses or work suit. Wear your favorite jacket with a shirt, a top or a more elegant low-cut shirt and your favorite scarf monochrome which goes with another accessory like shoes or a purse or even feathering. Elegance is assured. The most valuable and popular are certainly scarves made of silk. Light as a feather, fresh and breathable, a silk scarf can not miss in 'locker each. Elegant and classic in blue and black colors, but still in demand even models with geometric, floral or landscape painted canvas style. Many brands produce scarves with quality synthetic fiber, are soft and delicate to the touch, and have nothing to envy to their "ancestors." The scarf can also be combined with other women accessories, the result is amazing!

In fact, we think of combining a beautiful scarf leopard or zebra to a shoe with the same texture

or even monochromatic but that draws at least one of the colors proposed in the nuances of the scarf, this way too with only two fashion accessories our look goes from simple (perhaps with a normal jeans and shirt) to super chic and trendy.

Or it is often very enjoyable match or give in matching bag and scarf with similar colors, contrasting, or which refer to each other. Today you have a monochromatic look and dark? Choose a bag Desigual brightly colored with shades navy / turquoise and patchwork style and choose a scarf from similar tones, with dark colors this combination stands out and illuminates your look! Choose now on our website for women's accessories that you prefer, with a few clicks in 24/48 hours will come to your house!

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