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With the arrival of spring on a woman's look he is filled with grace and sweetness, passing in warm, dark and winter pullover with oversize clothes fresh, rich in style with pastel colors. Of course, in every outfit that respects, along the dress changes also immediately footwear. Marika Milan knows well the needs of all women and produces shoes still following craft style of the Italian footwear industry as before, with adaptations to materials and innovative techniques. One of the crucial points on which the footwear Marika Milan press is good taste: good taste is no longer just a way of thinking in the moral domain, a way of acting like a century ago, but today more than ever in which lends so much attention appearance, good taste is more aesthetic than ever.

Sandals woman with wooden soles and cork and sides monochrome leather platform shoes to wear with "gypsy" broad style skirts that win just anyone: not only the girl by the more particular and trendy style, but also the career woman who dresses more classy way suits and tuxedos and loves this type of footwear for leisure time, to match them with jeans or leggings. But also sexy footwear for women who love to dare with more transgressive clothing, who like to appear and match shoes from high heels with short dresses, shorts or skinny jeans. The sandals from the heel 13 are made more comfortable thanks to a more cm platform that accompany the shoe making the more stable walking. Ideal for the woman who loves to be the center of attention without being excessive. But the brand Marika Milan has even thought of the chic woman, delicate and simple: the woman he loves details and he knows that beauty it is precisely in little things, and this is how in the collection of shoes Made in Italy Marika Milan appear elegant sabot open behind , open sandals and sprung from high heels to the most chic ceremonies to be combined with dresses both long and short, both day and evening ceremonies. 

Even the colors harmonize and adapt, cream, polar white, off-white and beige, but also more sophisticated pastel colors. While for the most transgressive look are standard colors like black, wood color, navy blue

which it is especially appreciated in the summer to match with dresses in jeans, but also more special colors such as date-colored, used in different collections. Order now on our website and choose the shoes Marika Milan in conjunction with clothes and bags, they will come to your doorstep in just 48 hours!

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