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The history of swimsuits is dotted with many conflicts and events that have even contributed to women's emancipation. If we look in the history, the first to discover the two piece bikini for women are even the Romans! The Roman matrons in fact used a belt for breast and one for the basin in order to take a bath at the spa, our current bikini is an evolution of this first suit came to us 2000 years later. Yeah, because it was not always so rosy life of swimwear, from the Middle Ages onwards it was absolutely banned especially those for women who had to wait until 1800 to be able to take a bath with a real women's clothing! Long skirts weighed down on purpose to prevent it could swell in water: arms, legs, all carefully covered. In the 20 of 1900 with the advent of the belle epoque begin to appear the first piece swimsuits that finally enabled women to enjoy freely the sun and be able to swim with greater freedom of movement.

The bikini literally explodes in the 60s and since then has evolved, has been changed, it is changed while remaining with the same concept: slip and triangle bra that allow perfect tan all over the body.

Many colors made more and more innovative materials that are breathable and dry quickly. Even the shapes may vary, from the balcony, or padded triangle top and briefs that can be a thong, high waist, knotted at the hips and more. But the swimsuits are also other, not just bikinis. Are fashionable too details swimsuits, tankini and more. If you thought you buy yourself a simple bikini or full to alternate with the beachwear that you already have, you're just wrong. Many and various are the bathing suits for summer 2016, all new, that they will win you over just to watch them on our site!

Perfect high-waisted models or those striped Parisian retro style. Costumes for all tastes! If you want a tan without the sign of the shoulder straps, fashion suggests bodices and straps. The latest trend colors: orange and turquoise.

Return the floral patterns that recall immediately the summer. For the woman who loves him the most chic to show off even on the beach, there are rich models of ruffles and fringes fluttering, so as to never go unnoticed.
In short, there is so much to indulge themselves for swimsuits, you just have to choose according to your look: sporty, sexy or trendy? But why choose? Take them all!

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