Some advice on how to take care of your shoes

Clean Gently
The first important thing to know is that we must not make too much pressure on the shoe when you clean. Many types of footwear are treated with solid colors that could become detached and thus ruined in case of excessive pressure.

Patches of road salt
With leather shoes resistant you can resort to the mixture of water and vinegar to remove stains of salt instead the oil against the strips of water with snow.

Cream for footwear
The products for the care of footwear must always be used in proportion, always think of the less possible. Always choose carefully the products applied on footwear some of it on sensitive skin causing the ruin of them. When it comes to sensitive leather it is always better to seek advice from the dealer.

Change shoes every day
As we know our foot produces humidity that is absorbed by the shoe. Only changing them every day shoes can dry completely.

Spread the shoes
You can avoid creases on the leather of your shoes using a shoe tree suitable for your shoes. And most of the shoes dries more easily.

Do not dry quickly
An advice if your shoes are too wet better to use another pair of shoes because drying them quickly with heating or stove the leather can be dry out quickly and becomes hard and cracked. Pass first a damp cloth and then dry rubbing on shoes, it is preferable to use a wooden shoe trees.

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