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In recent years we have seen and magazines, in all colors and materials, but the wedge, that shoe raised by thick sole that replaces the heel, has a much older history as anything we can imagine.
Were used high cork wedges in ancient Gracia from theater actors cha needed to be higher and visible, it was considered little graceful and then hidden by the long robe.
But they were also worn by courtesans, which even then they wanted to make themselves more slender, attractive and sensual.
Since then there would still be a lot to say, in the history, the wedges, are back in fashion and then often with uncertainty in outputs.
But the golden age in which the wedges shoes are back with all their strength and visibility are the 70s with disco music and glam rock, where in flared trousers and bright colors become his inseparable companions. These wedges exaggerated in height, made in the most unlikely combinations and materials were used as much by women as by men, just think of Elton John, David Bowie and John Travolta who wore them in the film "Saturday Night Fever".

The wedge is now a must in fashion that surprises us more and more.

A valid alternative to heels that helps to slim the silhouette walking in a comfortable, making your seductive walk facing days with oomph! Any high type of shoe can 'be made with the internal wedge instead of a high-heeled shoes with seductive lines introducing shapes and colors that make the creative result and therefore unique adding comfort to the dynamism.

They are super sensual even when worn with flared skirts, giving a refined femininity, vintage.

Thanks to the plateau which supports the heel, platform shoes are always comfortable.
With the wedges are made of different models of shoes for every season from winter boots to summer open sandals with strap, always wear them!
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The wedges are loved by designers of various brands that give shape to infinite choices for the female universe, see the famous wedge heels by Salvatore Ferragamo, in fact wedges enrich the windows of every store and fill the women's closets. They are perfect to wear in all kinds of outfits, from the most casual to the elegant and refined for important occasions.

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