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Intriguing, elegant, mysterious, classy and elegant, or youth with modern style, gritty and dynamic? The clothing of a man has been sidelined for too many years to make way mainly to feminine look: in fact very few times especially in the past we have heard that men were created problems for their dress! Now, fortunately, things have changed: the man has become vain and narcissus and fashion-conscious as the woman, and in some extreme cases even more! No more then the usual black suit for the office with dark brown lace-up shoe. As well as all 'clothing is the young guys that older men are also very attentive to their physical, and the many hours spent in the gym and sculpt your muscles, rightly wants a glimpse of them here then and change the cuts of pants, sweaters and shirts over the years:

The shirt becomes tight with the pleats on the front, the closest collar and stiff and high, the increasingly long and narrow tie,

no longer the deep "foulard" short and not very graceful of the 90 Even the pants shaking, revealing well-sculpted buttocks and calves, always elegant short pants, but with a different form that creates a new man. One of the popular styles of men and also by women, very popular in recent years is certainly the style "sloppy" baggy jeans effect "used" wool sweaters that look like those made by our grandmothers 50 years ago, such large hats and special homeless , which it is invariably coupled with a fairly long beard looking uncultivated. In reality, these looks are never really scruffy, but took: many brands produce deliberately retro suits of this type, to be combined with accessories and shoes.

The man is attentive to detail and when leaving the house is no longer "simply dressed" but his combinations from head to toe are perfect. For the man who works in the office there are ample choices of outfits:

Today the most sensual combination is a jeans paired with a shirt and a thin tie, sometimes tonal, this allows for stylish clothing but a little 'more informal. Even the shoes are not more choices with your eyes closed when you open the shoe cupboard: there is the sought after gymnastics, colorful loafers or lace-up shoes. Even men buy online on their clothing, choosing accessories and clothing with meticulous care. For the man who loves the other hand, there is no longer only be sportier the tracksuit: sporty style means wearing the inevitable "used look jeans", an athletic shoe canvas and a polo-style shirt, this pairing will It helps you feel safe, dynamic and aggressive. In addition to these outfits call them "standard" there are men who love to invent your own look and make alternative: so here is special pants paired with t-shirts, shirts and multicolored neon accessories such as moccasins, hats, watches, scarves. All the major brands have adapted to more and more trendy look especially among young people by launching collections unobtainable leaders and sought, in short, the slogan is: enough with the platitudes. On our site there is already selected for you the most beautiful clothes of the best brands on the market: choose classic sports polo or dress shirts and sophisticated jeans that are really never too much in the closet of a man; in 24/48 hours will come to your house with a click.

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