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The laced shoes has always been the men's shoe for excellence goes hand in hand with the evolution of men's fashion, becoming casual and sporty, a shoe with a thousand uses, even the most formal occasion such as a formal business meeting or important meetings . Originally the ankle were hiking boots, also for hiking in the mountains, which then became a fashion item, and contamination, to become also city shoes: lace, ankle, heel with a low shot. Fall into the category of ankle boots or ankle boots all shoes with laces and two or three pairs of eyelets.
Traditionally made of suede, the most famous are certainly the desert boot, made for British soldiers, later used as a symbol of youth protest at the end of the seventies. Now they have become a trend for fall-winter shoes for the city to be worn with cargo pants and a casual shirt, maybe in jeans. But they are also ideal with elegant trousers for men, while women instead also use with saucy outfits. The variations are many, not so classic low lace-up shoes, but with wedge heels, plateau, with fur. The most beautiful, but they are always simple classic ankle boots in suede leather to combine with pants and casual wear, because you should never forget that the elegance is not flashy but minimal. The ankle boots Men's leather back bullies in the cold season, they are comfortable, warm and revisited by trendy details like the wool inserts or other fantasies. They are ideal for any situation: from a more formal meeting in the office but also for your free time to spend with your friends to the movies, or to accompany you in your shopping.

On winter days or midseason are really essential because, although low keep the foot at an ideal temperature leaving the foot dry.

The comfort of the ankle boots makes them a type of shoe fits not only to any person and the physical but also in every season, are in fact of the shoes that you can use both in the middle of winter without fear of slipping on ice or excessively dirty them (they are part of those shoes which the most acquire character and charm are using) is in spring, when the air warms up and begins the period of the first trips out of town, the bike rides and walks to the sea. Equally perfect on the road, because of their versatility they are comfortable with any look and since they are shoes almost exclusively made of natural colors (with forays seasonal blue and wine red) do not even have the problem of not being able to match them!

Today, all the major fashion brands launch into each collection is the spring / summer and autumn / winter their ankle models in modern and innovative fabrics.
Today man is dynamic, gritty but always attentive to style and fashion: the ankle boots are the perfect shoes for every occasion, and are loved by all right: young, adults and not!
Choose the model and color you love most on our site, with a simple click of the ankle boots will come to your house with the courier in 24/48 hours throughout Italy with free shipping over € 100 and made easy!

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