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The history of men's polo shirt is relatively recent, dating back to the nineteenth century when the sport of tennis boomed. Thanks to this sport in fact did the pole! Tennis was the sport of wealthy people and even played with trousers, jacket and tie. Obviously this greatly impeded the movements threatening to jeopardize the movements. At that point he was a tennis player and not a stylist to design the first Polo model and was the Frenchman Rene Lacoste, name later become famous as the most important producer of polo shirts that are distinguished by the famous alligator logo. The pole is today certainly the most beloved shirt by men, because, despite being cool and comfortable, makes the outfit from man of class thanks to the shirt by the collar and button closure that characterize it, it is also often made of a pocket on the front side: with these three elements, collar, pocket and buttons, the center resembles the shirt, perhaps for this reminds the man's shirt.

Also commonly called tennis or golf shirt, because that was primarily used for these two sports, the pole remains undisputed star clothing class man who loves style.

Although as we saw this shirt was born from the idea of ​​a tennis player, the term derives from the polo sport, sport in which was previously used as uniform a similar jacket in some detail the new shirt. In the 50's, the center began to take on not only in clothing purely sporting, but also for clothing everyday, becoming one of the most beloved of men thanks to its versatility. In fact, today the use of polo has spread around the world, especially in the West. Much sought after and required, each designer has designed collections of men's polo changing details, forms and colors. But the basic pole always the most appreciated: ideal to be worn in the contest where formal attire is not required, but a sports apparel or too casual would be really inappropriate. The use of the pole in this kind of environment is ideal and very elegant effect. Both long sleeve that short sleeve, is ideal to be paired with jeans and make it a more upscale men's clothing at all times.

Another feature of the center is that they are perfect for all ages, from children, to boys who like to wear with slacks or jeans, to 'man who likes to wear it with the most elegant trousers have a classic effect.

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