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The amphibious is a footwear designed for soldiers at war, now is a fashion accessory, even from the red carpet in fashion shows.

The style that never loses ground, the so-called "trenches" which is always on the attack with different clothes and accessories that make them original and irresistible ! There you can combine a vest over, heavy cloth, wearing tight waist and a midi romantic tulle or leather, lace ...

Amphibians are an necessary part in the army, in the equipment of the soldier as allow to walk properly on any type of surface, ground, so as not to cause damage to the soldiers, allowing them to move easily in the most difficult terrain, because they have a sole tank and have the presence of bearings that allow the foot breathable comfort without sweating. Most of the time the amphibians have a reinforced fabric to ensure that not become damaged or tear.

Today the same principle of amphibians in the army is implementing the production of Amphibians Woman, always the most current and fashionable, a particular type of boots from the tread sole, the material tin and dark color, waterproof and comfortable, allowing the walk on moist soil or water without the foot dry.

For women who like to dress casually, Young Shoes offers several models of Amphibians definitely versatile on many outfits wearing anything useful for the season autumn / winter to feel comfortable and fashion. Several types of Brands are inspired on this type of shoes that is always in good taste ensuring the highest quality, this provides only because Young Shoes Salerno Brands that create shoes with quality materials such as leather, suede, nubuck.

The trend of the season: Studded, Printed or Classics

The success of amphibians is very concentrated in the nineties, but this season you reconfirm a must have even on the catwalks and many women who love fashion use them for walking in the street. Comfortable especially on cold days, this type of shoes is nice on elegant clothes on, making the dress original. Some women prefer them knee-high to match on mini-dresses, skirts or leggings. Other exasperated with upper and studs, to look biker aggressive. Much more with different colors and patterns.

The amphibious suggests immediately to the noises of the sole bumping against the asphalt, to the rhythmic march of an army, it is a sound that startles the mind and nowadays rumbles on runways and redcarpets. The idendità the boot military today has become a fashion accessory in fact original.
Amphibians can match a lot of outfits fashion, even on models in black or in different patterns. You can also wear a dress in mini-dress. Amphibians may be higher at the ankle, leather printed or not, good to combine under a fur jacket !!

On Young Shoes you can find all amphibians that you need just a click away !!!

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