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Alexander John Women's Shoes Online

"Beauty, comfort, modern design and 100% Made in Italy" was how the mantra of our Alexander & JOHN brand, which every day is able to respond so exceptional, with a unique product of its kind, the needs of a consumer increasingly careful to new trends, with shoes you will always be fashionable and chic at all times.

The new Italian brand Alexander & JOHN is expressed by the idea of ​​two young brothers whose family business has been operating for two generations in the footwear sector initially as alexander men's shoes.

The project aims very MADE IN ITALY as a quality brand in the competitive landscape domestic as well as international and aims initially on men's shoes.

The Alexander & JOHN brand was created with the aim of strengthening the real Made in Italy inside the shoe and at the same time satisfy an increasingly attentive woman to his own style and the latest trends in fashion market.

Try also the decoltè of Albano, the new collection is here on our shopping online.

footwear excellence of Made in Italy.

The constant pursuit of product quality, the right balance between comfort and sophisticated design are the values ​​that guide the daily work and which enable brand growth based on the trust of customers.

With the experience gained over the years, decoltè with clear ideas about expansion strategies and a strong orientation to the future, the brand enters the women's footwear market by merging innovation of models and anticipating fashion trends .

Alexander & JOHN, though a young brand, is constantly growing and constantly updated while still maintaining the proper link with the traditions. Always in step with the trends of the moment and without ever forgetting comfort and quality of product.

The set goal is to be able to obtain, with exclusively Italian material, a shoe which present all the essential features to position itself among the best footwear on the market.

The excellent quality of the real Made in Italy can be seen on all the models of shoes: you would not have in your shoe rack low dancer in glitter fabric to wear when you need to be stylish and comfortable. Convenient and practical, ideal when worn with dark garments.

If you want to be more slender wearing the classic black neckline, choosing the heel of your choice: wide and low, comfortable yet feminine wide and high, or the sexy and timeless stiletto heel, or even the very current style lug outsole for lovers trendiest styles.

But if you really want to dare, the alexander shoes are perfect for you: high stiletto heels super sensual to wear on important occasions and fashion.

The colors are never soft, but still very strong, a black velvet, red or fuchsia on, and so also for leather shoes, there are no half measures, the colors must be aggressive!