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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Fraly women's underwear and easywear online

Specialized in the production of underwear and easywear, Fraly is a company belonging to Sistema Tessile s.r.l. company founded in 1995 in the province of Bergamo by the Riva family, which has always kept a deep-rooted know-how in the quality of yarn, fabric and packaging. The company acquired the historic Fraly brand in 2010 and brought it to success with enthusiasm and innovation, giving it ever greater prestige. The brand stands out for its strong craftsmanship skilfully combined with modernity, a combination that gives the brand an unmistakable identity, but able to capture the needs of a constantly changing market, increasingly demanding but aware of the demands.

Fraly brand elegant and refined

Elegant and refined, Fraly always offers the latest trend in underwear and easywear and in every season offers a selection of high quality garments, sought after both in the choice of raw materials and in the packaging. The collections meet every need women have during the day and offer a wide range of garments including knitwear, pyjamas, lingerie, easywear, but also garments to wear at home with maximum comfort, or to wear for the time and even for the office. A whole new way of dressing, to be always in step with fashion and terribly glamorous!

Fraly for dressing with maximum comfort

Soft, resistant and natural, the fabrics used for the production of Fraly garments are certified and are comfortable on the skin. Among the fabrics used are wool, silk, cotton, cotton, Modal cotton, cotton jersey, viscose and pure silk, all fibers that do not cause allergies and caress the skin with their softness. Many products to choose from to feel beautiful and fascinating, but to dress comfortably, such as sweaters, vests, briefs, undercoats and a wide selection of lingerie garments embellished with lace and beautiful decorations, ideal for highlighting beauty and femininity! To see the Fraly garments take a look at the Youngshoes website and if you need knee-highs, socks or tights take a look at the products of Osma.