Omsa women socks, tights and knee-highs online

Famous and even among those preferred by far, the OMSA socks are made with fine yarns and have a good grip on the legs. The Omsa brand is part of Golden Lady Company, an international industrial group, a world leader in the design, manufacture and retail of hosiery and underwear. The Group Golden Lady was born in Castiglione delle Stivere in 1967 and since its inception has adopted a development strategy that combines the Italian identity to the progressive diversification of products. Over time, the company acquires the best national and international brands of hosiery, including Philippe Matignon, Filodoro, SiSi and Omsa, American brands No-Nonsense and Hue. Golden Lady Company has over 12 facilities in Italy, the US and Serbia, produces 400 million socks per year, distributed in 70 countries worldwide.

Omsa was the first brand to infuse elegance and sensuality as the main prerogatives in their collections. The constant attention to the evolution of the market and the continuous technological research have created lines of socks, knee-highs and socks of all kinds: knee-highs Omsa tights Omsa, Omsa stockings and many other products have become part of daily life of every woman . Great success also had new tights without seams, but also the leggings have revolutionized the concept of underwear. The brand has always been able to anticipate trends gaining more and more of the market, and was also skilled in the diversification of products to suit all needs. Unmistakable is the active tights omsa 20, as is also the active tights omsa 70, or 40 active omsa stockings, created for the woman who needs to change bays depending on the look and outfit.

It has been very important over the years the advertising omsa: the company was one of the first Italian companies to believe in communication as a tool essential to achieve success. Carousel from the 60s with the twins Kessler at the Omsa Design Shocking Legs, legs are always protagonists and considered a significant part of the female body, to be valued and to dress with care to not go unnoticed. The Omsa socks have the ability to make each woman unique and extraordinary, a feature that is characteristic of these socks. To find a great selection of socks Omsa unmissable is the outlet omsa faience, where you can find all over the world Omsa affordable. Alternatively, the company has made available to the customers the possibility to do online shopping. With omsa online shop you can buy at prices of absolute convenience without leaving home and choose from the many proposals the ones you prefer. The Omsa stockings come straight home to the delight of the women who are in this brand all stockings, pantyhose, the knee, the ups and much more they need, sure to find a wide assortment of sizes, colors and types of stockings. The Omsa stockings are part of women's intimate all the Group's products have made this brand a recognized symbol of Italian elegance.

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