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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Women shoes of the line NH.24 by Revenge 

NH.24 is a line by Revenge that is a brand of high fashion women footwear and this company produces shoes with high quality, has many yeas of expierence in this secotr and has a artisans shoes team that grant a tragent and the top of the quality in the creations of women's shoes.

The objective of the Company Revenge

The company Revenge is still an Italian company and in fact the objective and philosophy is precisely to believe in Made in Italy so grant that the materials and the workforce are all Italian and 100% guaranteed.

The models of the line NH.24

The models in this line are very special, in fact there are fabric moccasins with stones of various colors, sandals with high wedge in cork and stones on the bands, and also sandals with sabot ways with high wedge and beads. In practice this line focuses on the colors and embellishment of stones and pearls.

What do the women think about these shoes?

Surely the tastes of women are varied, but they all agree on the comfort of these shoes in which they are also fascinating because the colors are very special and can be combined with many items of clothing, the moccasins are in fact perfect to be worn with white trousers, or jeans and even special leggings.

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