Apepazza women shoes on line

Apepazza shoes have conquered the market and continue to attract new audiences because they are comfortable and versatile, an ideal product for the modern woman who wants to dress each day with a different look. Apepazza is a brand born in 1983 in Padua for passion for the shoes of three brothers: Adriana, Claudio and Roberto Bagante, three boys who can be defined, and rightly, real "children of art". In fact, for many years, Dad had been working on a shoe factory and had expressed his passion for shoes.

Thanks to the help of a friend, the three brothers had the happy intuition to reinvent some stock remains and they began to devote themselves to restyling old shoes. As? Simply applying accessories and bijoux to your existing shoes, creating new designs and introducing a fashion that would have many followers. From that incredible idea came the first jewelery shoes and the first models that the three boys renewed were the espadrilles, the absolute trend of those times. The first models had an overwhelming success and the Bagante brothers were soon able to expand their production by creating innovative footwear, enriched with rhinestones, embroidery, lace and very special and colorful accessories. Since then, absolutely original collections were born, able to enhance the femininity and personality of women who showed themselves to be more and more confident of their choices.

Apepazza's shoes over the years have revolutionized the concept of stylish and particular shoes, and in short the company specializes in introducing more and more sophisticated, high quality materials and with greater care of finishes and inserts. Every detail is carefully hand-finished and has always kept this principle, a feature that has been the basis of Apepazza's success. The craftsmanship of made in Italy has been a success away from all expectations and still the company maintains the qualities that have characterized it over the years. Brand models are the result of creativity and extravagance, and among the many models you find sandals with laces, sneakers, wedges, dancers, stringers and many other models of footwear suitable for all occasions of the day, from work to leisure To occasions.

The brand's success continues to expand and Apepazza is also highly sought after overseas, where its creations are appreciated and shared by a growing audience. Apepazza is present in 569 retail outlets and has a great international presence that grows to a standstill thanks to a widespread distribution network that reaches all over the world.

Delightful colors and details, exclusive decorations, floral or geometric motifs make every model a unique and extraordinary piece that can enhance every outfit and complete every look. The brand's footwear is absolutely designed to create a combination of great effect, able to surprise and conquer the dynamic and modern woman and make her experience a unique experience each time wearing an Apepazza model.

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