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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Roberta Martini new collection

In a context like that of the heart of Milan, Roberta Martini offers its customers a unique way of getting closer to fashion. The living room of his prestigious residence becomes the stage where women find their conviviality and can enjoy unique moments by dedicating themselves to themselves while they have a cup of champagne or taste some truffle delicacy. A controversial and sought-after fashion model for many years by the best fashion designers, Roberta Martini from 2009 has decided to create a whole line and become a businesswoman. Following a research and development path for a number of international brands, Roberta decided to pursue an ambitious goal: to anticipate fashion and anticipate the market.

So the project ROBERTA MARTINI is born, a lounge where customers find all the attention and are cared for by A to Z on a path that provides a regeneration of the look in every season. Within its extraordinary space, furnished with precious works of art and precious materials, customers are followed by serious and important professionals ranging from make up artist to coiffeur consulting; From cosmetic surgeon to cosmetic consultant. And not only! In this climate of beauty and well-being Roberta personally takes care of dressing up customers with a selection of items that she personally chooses.

Take a look also at the shoes made by Raquel Perez, are very beautiful and made with quality.

An amazing idea of ​​great success

The idea of ​​this space created by Roberta Martini is to let every woman out in a unique piece of work: her boutique promises exclusive, strictly Made in Italy, high quality and a standard price. The brand style of Roberta Martini is quite sought after and suitable for all women who love to stand out with carefully selected and very refined clothes. Inside Roberta Franchi's luxurious boutique, customers relax and experience a singular experience in a friendly and trusted environment, essential to the need to look for the best. Roberta's chiefs clearly showcase her personality: the model has also made a line of cosmetics bearing the name Roberta Martini Wine Theraphy, a line that recalls its origins, adapted to today's society where everything is approximate but certainly more Fast of a time.

 Roberta Martini's "Private Space" is, however, a place where you enter invitations and where customers need to feel at home: nothing to do with any store where women enter and feel almost outdated With some bag even if they do not have the desire to buy anything. In the space of Roberta you enter for a coffee or an aperitif and clients never know what they will find, surely only the best of Italian design. In a society where everything becomes ephemeral and where communication almost disappears, Roberta's lounge retrieves personality and infuses confidence and well-being from head to toe, dressing women as never has a boutique done so far, that is to say, doing them well!