Silvana women's shoes online

Excellent materials and finishes make Silvana footwear an Italian excellence. Each product is carefully assembled and shows in all its aspects the craftsmanship that characterizes our country.

Authentic expressions from Made in Italy, Silvana shoes are made of top quality fabrics and fabrics and fully reflect the style that always distinguishes Italian excellence, appreciated and known world-wide. The shoes of the well-known brand are the favorites of many stars who wear them to be chic and elegant on the most important occasions: to show off the shoes Silvana is synonymous with class and meet all the needs of women, even the most difficult ones. Thanks to the vast range of Silvana shoes you find on Young Shoes you can choose the most beautiful shoes to wear for your overalls, and view a wide range of specialty products to enhance any look.

Sandals with Silva Silhouette symbol of elegance and class

Among the brand's models, sandals with heel are a symbol of class and elegance, and they also testify to the unmistakable Italian craftsmanship tradition. Comfortable though with a heel and gorgeous to wear, they are inimitable to care for the details and precious finishes that enrich each model and make it unique. Brand collections are a clear expression of contemporary style and best interpret modern design without neglecting craftsmanship. The sandals, embellished with SWAROVSKI crystal elements exclusively mounted by hand, bring prestigious and high quality footwear to women's feet, adding value to every outfit and showing the latest fashion trends well in advance. Silvana sandals are also available with the heel, useful for everyday use and naturally very comfortable. Heavy-duty shoes are perfect for work, leisure and all the occasions when you need to travel, but you need to have the right shoes right to fit to your outfits.

Wide assortment for Silvana footwear online

The choice between the Silvana shoes is wide and on Young Shoes you can also find trunks, ideal to wear with a sporty look and everyday, to be comfortable everywhere. Designed for jeans, leggings and any casual look, trunks are a shoe suitable for so many occasions, and they're fine with some models of dresses. For those who want to be sexy, they can not miss shoes with high heels, elegant and perfect to put up for special occasions. Silvana offers 12-heeled shoes with or without plateau, to be worn with adjoining tubs or ceremonial dresses, ideal for amazing and enchanting even during worldly events. Beautiful decolleté with high heels to put on with pants, perhaps with Swarovski decorations, to make any look and add a touch of sex appeal to every outift! Silvana shoes with high heels do not go unnoticed and are indispensable for any woman who loves to be the focus of attention!

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