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Shoes that give a hyper femininity, in fact suggest immediately to the sensuality of a woman, the decollete can be made of different models and embrace the foot in a more or less important, can give a glimpse of the mischievous hills of the foot, revealing the immaculate fingers, notches of various kinds to meet the need of any woman: stiletto, slender classic Italian or stocky and with more support base, a dramatic and sexy stiletto heels, shorter cone or square. Surely all women have at least one pair in their shoe that with their 8 centimeters or more valuing all that nature has given you, long legs, suppleness, softness, toned calves. The décolleté are really versatile shoes to use a stylish skinny jeans or skirts, in short, you can create your ideal style for everyday or on special occasions, and in the section reserved> Decolté on Young Shoes Salerno you can choose the shoes that most you like.

High heels for women are important because they extend the charm and elegance, giving that sexy touch that never hurts and decollete show so much sensuality to anyone wearing them.

Plays with the colors, finding the perfect shade for your favorite bag, put in evidence that is that more you like in your aesthetic form, you can also choose a beautiful neckline that enhances the dorsum of the foot, it is tapered. Surely you will be perfect in every choice you make watching the catalogs on display here on Young Shoes Salerno, which can offer you the best quality fashion shoes.

Cleavage or cleavage are classic shoes, one of the most popular models from the women, the term comes from the French dècolletè and this is the correct way to write it, in fact, the word translated in Italian means "no neck", or with a low-cut neckline. In fact the reference of this word comes from the particular cut of the neckline shoes that show just discovered the instep, a low-cut shoe that shows the sensuality and elegance of a nice foot.

Today this term has been compressed by the Italians to indicate precisely a model of shoes to wear, it is now one of the most used models especially in important events such as a wedding, a ceremony, a romantic evening, but also in the office.

The cleavage indispensable shoe for every woman, is a model that perfectly complements all styles.

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