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The Italian fashion is appreciated, known and loved all over the world thanks to designers who were able to emphasize it and risaltarla over the decades. But often follow fashion and the trend launched by the big brands is very expensive! Alessandro Ferrone has built the foundation of what is today the spa FERRONE. The production of bags and shoes ferrone sandro sandro ferrone has had a continuous growth over the years also thanks to the beautiful clothes. quality clothes both in materials and design for a young audience who loves elegance and femininity so exalted in Chapters. Sandro Ferrone with his entrepreneurial qualities was able to transform the activity of trade of fabrics, which began after the war, in a real industry, initiating and developing all stages of the textile market. Today Sandro Ferrone Spa produces and exports all over the world each year about 2 million head with its two lines SANDRO FERRONE and SWEET SIZE. Even the most important Italian newspapers have spoken of the brand Sandro Ferrone describing it as "... a 'Roman businessman who does not feel the crisis, and indeed, in this very dark period has plans to open new franchise stores", or even at home with sandro ferrone online shopping.

SANDRO FERRONE is today an extraordinary reality in fast fashion MADE IN ITALY.

Since its inception the brand SANDRO FERRONE it is well positioned in today's clothing market. His presence on the Italian and international market consists of a single-brand network for which SANDRO FERRONE represents a real opportunity for success. The solidity of the stores, the quality and 'excellent balance with the price is rewarded by a great confidence by the end customer. The stores are now located all over the world and of course in Italy with offices located from north to south. The company's philosophy is to have gone along with every day the tastes and trends of Italian women. From the producer to the consumer without intermediaries: winning intuition, today cornerstone of a philosophy that relies on a linear supply chain and immediate. If you are looking Sandro Ferrone sale online visit our website and choose which match them with accessories.

For the woman who loves to feel beautiful and feminine at all times

Sandro Ferrone creates sensual and practical clothing at the same time, for everyone, because it understands the needs of all women:

be dynamic without sacrificing their beauty. If you're looking chic dresses choose sandro ferrone young shoes online shop where you can find the most beautiful clothes already selected for you. You can combine them with shoes, handbags, scarves and many other accessories for a look that will leave everyone breathless. Order now and in 48 hours it will all be at your home! If you have doubts about the pairings, write us, we are here to answer your needs.

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