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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Lovable lingerie bra panties petticoat woman

Shoes, bags and underwear are what they love most women, it is a symbol of femininity, sensuality and beauty.
Underwear like everything else around us has a story, the first head dates back to ancient Egypt well.
He had its importance to Catherine de 'Medici, in' 500, which imposed an obligation to noble women to wear underwear during riding.
From hygiene instrument it became an instrument of seduction, becoming more elaborate and decorated with precious objects.
The church demonstrated over the years its adversities, considering them an obscene and lecherous boss.
So since ancient times, the intimate played an important role in the female audience.
Today one of the most recognized brands and appreciated by the female audience is certainly Lovable.
Lovable annually presents a truly extraordinary collection for him and her, each collection will surprise you!
Underwear is only made with rich fabrics designed for us in every detail, every piece caressing our body causing no discomfort.
Lovable is not only present on the land market, but also offers its products online, allowing everyone to buy with ease their leaders.
Each bra is designed for the needs of every woman, thanks to the wide choice of sizes, models of cups and especially fantasies find the perfect bra for you.
Contenitivi bras, without underwire, transparent, band, simple with no decorations and much more await you.
The body are ideal for tackling the most of the winter, made of stretch fabric completely cover our bust riscaldandoci.
If you love to wear skirts and shorts even in winter, the lovable stockings are for you.
For us women Underwear is synonymous with sensuality, elegance, femininity and every full reflects our personality.
In addition to the wide selection of bras, panties lovable presents can cordinare to bras, creating your own perfect intimate outfits.
We women have the need to always be beautiful and stylish even at night, lovable has heard us and came forward for the new collection really classy pajamas, a nice full pajama is perfect to face the coldest days.
Every man has to live up to his woman, that's why lovable also thought the male universe.
Each boxer is designed for every man, there is a wide choice of models and designs to please him but also his wife.
Quest 'year lovable costumes riscontarto great success among young and not increasing its audience.
Lovable thinks of all, also for future moms!
The maternity collection will not only ensure you comfort but also style and elegance.
Lovable has stores in all towns and cities and in the best shopping centers.
You have no excuses, Lovable awaits! not only in stores but also online.
And for those who have larger sizes? no problem for you as leaders of excellent quality at affordable prices.
For your wedding night, choose the intimate wedding signed lovable, sensual lingerie in silk cordinati of garters and robe.
Do you want to shape your bust? You want a stunning physique? corsets, the sheath and playtex are waiting, you can hide all those little flaws that make you insecure.
Provide support and containment, and although the facility "massive" coating and fabric make the sensuous and also nice article to see and wear.
The ideal for those with a strong size, conforms perfectly to round shapes and above all does not have the annoying underwire.
Because it can also be sexy with some Extra Pounds.

To be more sexy yu can try to wear down the petticoat made by Lovalbe the Collants by Philippe Matignon

Each catalog is complete with every leader that offers, jennifer hawkins the Australian model, crowned Miss Universe 2004 he collaborated with Lovable creating beautiful shots.

What aspects run by lovable! You do not have time to get to the nearest store to you? then view the on-line shop on the official website, and he takes advantage of the discounts.