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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Philippe Matignon socks and leggings online

Brand high-end Golden Lady Company S.p.A., Philippe Matignon is the highest expression of socks and tights that a woman could want. Its products are made with fine yarns and technologies and obtained with sophisticated machinery that result in different and exceptional textures. Looking for sale to the specialized retail, the brand is positioned in the medium-high price range that reflects the high quality of materials and workmanship.

Refined and elegant even in the depths, the Matignon woman loves to show off creative and seductive heads without falling ostentation, but do not give up comfort and the desire to wear rich garments fashion details and a touch of sensuality that brings out and enhances. Philippe Matignon The collections are divided into various product lines suitable for any occasion and created to meet the needs of every season here is so wide choice of stockings, tights, knee highs, socks leggingse all convenient and comfortable, and characterized by that innate elegance that characterizes the brand. Each product is synonymous with class, charm and glamor and lingerie of French high fashion with Matignon becomes Habitable in everyday life thanks to the exclusive sale of the brand in Golden Point stores in which the brand offers the lingerie collection, sleepwear and beachwear, as well as the brand dedicated to men, Philippe Matignon Homme. The line is specialized in the production of patterned stockings made of fine yarns such as silk, lisle, and cotton for the spring season and cashmere blend for autumn-winter. Philippe Matignon also has a beachwear line for the summer season in which the brand offers a selection of garments and high stylistic expression.

Wear it down the Desigual Clothing.

Italian quality and style and sensual and sophisticated French spirit together

Golden point Philippe Matignon proposes very refined and ultra-feminine lingerie garments, in shades that do not flaunt excesses but enhance the shape and lines: of course not miss the lace, a must for any season, available in various types to offer each woman the best . The precious lines include pantyhose, socks, stockings and other intimate products that reveal every part of the sophisticated and sensual French spirit combined with the style and the Italian quality: this merger creates truly extraordinary creations, made even more special by the continuous search for technical advanced manufacturing. These are in the distinctive traits of Matignonche managed to meet the needs of the female universe, respecting the natural evolution of the woman who over time has acquired new roles. Its collections dress in sophisticated elegance woman in every moment of the day, making it sensual and cured in every detail. Philippe Matignon dress is like bringing special events with luxury and refinement, but with affordable and always fresh collections are inspired fashion trends. A witness to the continuous innovation and a pace with fashion trends is also the collection of socks that is composed of two lines, a more sophisticated and elegant, made with fine yarns like cashmere or silk, available in 5 classical prints. The other collection is dedicated to the man who does not want to go unnoticed and consists of 6 contemporary fantasies in 6 models made of cotton thread of Scotland.