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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Trussardi Women Shoes Casual and Elegant Online

New Brand Collections offering luxury shoes and trendy

Trussardi is one of the most important Italian fashion house, founded by Dante Trussardi at 1991, a company that is focused first on the development and production of leather gloves, and in this way the brand has continued to work family-run until the end 70s, when it takes over the company the founder's grandson, Nicola Trussardi, throwing in the 80s the first fashion collection ready-to-wear along with other with other products such as accessories, clothes, perfumes, bags and much more, so the company starts to grow and be known not only in Italy, but is consecrated internationally and appreciated by a wider audience. Over the decades, the house has continued to grow by launching new products on the market, with new collections and linear alternating with fantastic accessories and perfumes both male and female. Our site is the official dealer of shoes that will surprise you with each model with a choice of shapes and colors used: from the classic black and brown for the winter, always blue summer fresh elegant and classy at the time the same, without being too "heavy." Today there are three "families" that descend from the Trussardi brand: The most classic that lives up to the original mission of the brad, is the casual collection of the fashion house, with a boutique dedicated to clothing and accessories for the traditionalists.

The casual Sober in its line of Trussardi Jeans

The collection for those who want a casual style and sober, Trussardi Jeans and finally the one devoted to children, because fashion is a matter of style, even from small! And many other ideas for the home and home decor, because the house has the need to be chic internally! Whatever the destination, the message is always the same: taste and refinement have always and without compromise.

The logo of the brand symbol is the greyhound, which immediately reminds one striking style, agile and proud, appearing on shoes, clothing and accessories. Trussardi has always been involved in the issues of innovation, sustainability and corporate commitment, the Group is the history and the future of Made in Italy excellence in fashion and beyond, in fact in all seasons Spring Summer Autumn and Winter, the brand surprises us with clothes and shoes of quality but especially fashion. For those who love the style, fashion, quality, but without showing off, because he knows that fashion is not in excess, but in the details, the trussardi sport shoes are a must! Elegant and linear but at the same time very comfortable, they are ideal for smart / casual clothing that distinguishes man and woman of class engaged in the work and also on special occasions where you can not miss a touch of refinement, perhaps with a pair of shoes Trussardi. If you are looking shoes online, visit our website, where you can find many offers for you, or come and discover in our sale of Salerno point.