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Janet & Janet an Italian brand in 1998 from light to Janet Sport, women's footwear line designed for the sportiest girls! Collections always new, vibrant, versatile and room for all the personal tastes of women, a lot of space to casual design by Janet & Janet Janet Sport in line. Sile comfortable, informal, casual design suitable for recreation, relaxation and trips away from home. Lately dedicated to urban style, modern, dynamic and never abandon the creation of fabulous sneaker. The Janet Sport models are so many dle laced the boots, wedge sandals and also handbags and leather accessories. So a young, gritty and energetic for a very dynamic and lively female audience. Discover the new Janet collection on Young Sports Shoes, trust of our taste in finding stylish shoes quality as those of Janet & Janet.

Janet Sport since the beginning of its inception and has been able to know the steps to conquer the highest fashion, becoming a famous brand known and appreciated everywhere, thanks ell'estremo comfort combined perfectly with cheap prices and technological materials.

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Janet Sport is a line of shoes that fits the style of everyday casual warm colors by the young and dynamic design, eccentric and lively shoes that create no means trivial creations, designed in every detail and processed with great care by the best tissues. Surely Janet Sport brand is an unpredictable, imaginative and creative which has been shown to certify the quality and versibilità of its handbags and women's shoes suitable then any important event and not.
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