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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Solo Soprani for sale online jewelry bags

Solo Soprani is a line of fashion accessories and footwear designed by the famous fashion house Luciano Soprani, a renowned name in the Italian market and beyond. The founder of the designer who gave the name to his collection, Luciano Soprani was born in 1946 and in 1967 began his career as a designer for Max Mara activities. After years of training with the biggest fashion houses, Luciano Soprani in 1981 he launched his first fashion collection that is a success. Since then, in the next twenty years the Heads of Luciano Soprani will be recognized and appreciated around the world with a defined and recognizable style that blends grace and rigor together. And that's what makes us unique accessories line Soprani Solo and Solo Soprani shoes.

clean and special lines at the same time that harmonize perfectly and enhance the outfits

of all types of women: from what he loves most sports look to the finest that does not give the details. The line Solo Soprani specializes in accessories for men and women field, shoes, perfumes and much more. Even after the death of the designer the fashion house continues the excellent positioning of the brand on the market and searching for perfection and attention to detail. A refined collection, elegant and classy as the woman Sopranos shoes and bags for all tastes and for all the women, including dancers, cleavage, jewel bags, clutch bags, wrist bags for young girls and ladies who will find the bon ton fashion that suits them, as well as the right mix of trends and timeless style. Solo Soprani mainly produces accessories and elegant shoes, such as the beautiful gem clutch ceremonial and sopranos bags. fine fabrics, satin, velvet and more. The luciano sopranos shoes are very elegant, like the classic men made of genuine leather, clean lines and basic to wear during the most important ceremonies with suit or tuxedo, but also important wallets Solo Soprani comfortable, with lots of pockets for cards , banknotes and coins. If you want to make a special gift you choose in combination with Solo Soprani wallets, one of the Solo Soprani man belts that you can find on our site, along with Solo Soprani shoes!

The lines and forms are special, asymmetrical, sought!

To embellish the accessories womanjewels bag there are many points of light applications, rhinestones, tulle inserts, sequin, sheath dresses, chains and many other details that make each piece a unique jewel and unrepeatable. With Solo Soprani bag you will be chic and perfect for each ceremony. Many clutches are enriched with pleats, ruffles and drapes so you can make unique and feminine look too simple but feminine like sheath dresses or minimal clothes. On our site you can find the best of clutch bags, baguette bags, cosmetic bag and wrist bags of Solo Soprani already chosen and selected for you. Young shoes Salerno is not only footwear, but also clothing! Choose the dress that suits you, in combination with one of the sopranos bags, shoes sopranos man, belts and wallets, in only 48 working hours it will all be at your home! If you need advice for your fashion combinations write us, we will respond as soon as possible! Solo Soprani shoes and Solo Soprani bags unbeatable prices!