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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

Gian Marco Venturi sale online jewelry bags

The name of Gian Marco Venturi is historic in Italian fashion, as well as known and appreciated by all for the accuracy of the details and the elegance of the accessories. Always present on national and international catwalks. Gian Marco Venturi proposes a world of accessories that represent the character and personality of the woman wearing them. The woman Gian Marco Venturi seeks elegance in everything and choose accessories where functionality and beauty come together to be always on top and feel at ease.

cCeating small bags jewels, clutch bags and baguette bags ideal for wearing and matched during the most chic and important ceremonies.

The summer is a playful collection, informal destined to become inseparable companion of women.
The key materials are fabric, nylon and faux leather embellished with details such as straps, handles and pockets, and contrasting inserts in different materials in the same shade or shades effect.

The jewel bags instead are enriched and made particularly comfortable by many pockets and internal bellows or of much use outside with zippers, metal buckles or laces, or even embellished with rhinestones, lights, crystals and sequins.

Dominate in bright, vibrant colors like lemon yellow, sky blue, pearl white, sapphire blue, but also more natural tones such as cream, rope, ground, and pastel shades like pink and blue.
For some lines triumphs, however, the press where it appears the mark freely interpreted with great creativity and humor.

The various proposals become even more attractive thanks to the cost to the public and good quality / price ratio.
The world Gian Marco Venturi is made of sensuality and charisma: a world in which the accessories are protagonists and represent the character of the woman who wears them.
The jewel bags are given not only for the ceremonies when you wear long super stylish clothes, but can also be combined with leggings and shirt with elegant neckline or high sandals, matching the clutch of important, in order to always be at the center attention thanks to the unmistakable style of the details and forms. Now choose a bag Gian Marco Venturi in conjunction with jeweled sandals you prefer, in just 48 hours will come to your home.