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The city of Naples knowingly as regards the artisan manufacture of leather and accessories made of leather such as shoes. For centuries, in fact, Naples tools top quality leathers creating true masterpieces as far as handbags, shoes, wallets and fashion accessories in general. The market for leather accessories is increasingly flourishing and appreciated, thanks to tourism that abounds in our cities and that more and more love style and especially the quality of the handmade product Made in Italy so famous around the world. Like many family-owned leather goods, the  brand “Scarpine Italiane” born in handicraft reality Napoletano, in neighborhoods where the smell of leather is strong and pungent, and is presenting itself to the evolving global market while maintaining a close relationship with its roots.

The artisan characteristics of the shoes “scarpine italiane”remain unchanged but small family workshop, “scarpine italiane” It is growing and renewing, adapting and anticipating the ever-changing fashion.

The colors used are fundamental for their creations: sophisticated shades like cobalt blue, red, purple, or the more classic leather goods as the "nude", leather or black. The shoes of “scarpine italiane” followed by new designs, sketches that are born from emotions, memories, creativity. After the design, skilled craftsmen and experts working on the prototype and create works of art made in Italy. The smell of leather, skin softness, and repetitive banging noise of sewing machines, the many colors of the leather: here's how our five senses are all involved in entering into a shop “scarpine italiane”. On our site you can find a wide selection of shoes of the brand “scarpine italiane”.

For the most important ceremonies of your shoe can not miss jewelry sandals made with stones, weaves, tunnels, inserts that further enrich the footwear and outfits.

Summer sandals woman and winter boots and ankle boots with studs, rhinestones, stitching or tunnels to make the skin to breathe on hot days. For daily tasks instead, we can choose the shoes with heel off, to use comfortably even on busy days when you're in a hurry. Or flat shoes lace-ups from the male line. “scarpine italiane” produces shoes, bags and accessories for every taste, you just have to choose your preferred model on our site, in maximum 48 working hours will be at your home!

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