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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Greenwich Polo Club Online shoes!

Nestled in the beautiful backcountry of Connecticut, Greenwich Polo Club was
It founded in 1981 and is recognized today as one of the local elite of one of the most important sports, representative and practiced in England and America. Also referred to as the "sport of the rich" as practiced mainly by distinguished families, young entrepreneurs, artists and well-known personalities, that's what makes it so unique Greenwich Polo Club. Some of the best players in the world have played in Greenwich Polo Club.

The great reputation of the club and as a result of the fact that its logo is a polo player in action, have allowed this association to spread and to invest not only in sports but also in accessories industry such as shoes, bags,
belts, wallets, key rings, of which there is unisex models and specific models for men and women.

Gradually, the brand began to expand with arrogance, and to be more and more recognized by all lovers of style and quality, so much so that today an 'unmistakable trademark style index both male and female.

Greenwich Polo Club today produces shoes, handbags, wallets and high quality accessories made of technological materials with simple but refined lines.

The colors range from classic rather standard tones used for accessories such as black, brown, blue, to the brightest and vivid textures like pea green, mustard yellow, red and many others.

Greenwich Polo Club is particularly appreciated by men and women who do not appear, but to be and who prefer simple lines and minimal provided they are accompanied by top quality materials.

Comfortable shoes from foot bed that allows a confident pace, dynamic and comfortable. Functional and practical messenger bags with numerous and very comfortable front and inside pockets designed to meet the requirements of speed and dynamism of every day.

lace-ups, loafers, boots, this slip on woman I thought of everything. Mainly Greenwich shoes go together and are suitable for styles not too classic but not too trendy. Accessories fact reflect the style of those that could be hypothetical players: people who want the best and dress in inconspicuous clothing, but high quality and thickness.

therefore ideal for casual look with jeans paired though to a somewhat 'more sophisticated shirt, but also a pole just to complete the perfect style that this brand wants. On our site you can find different models of shoes and accessories ordering from the comfort of your home with a simple click, will arrive in 24/48 hours!