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Shoes Marina Yachting

The passion for the sea comes a brand

The Brand Marina Yachting, of seafaring inspiration, was founded in 1878 in Genoa, Italy, by the sailor and importer of historians double coats of the British Navy "Pickot", Nicolò Gavino.

In 1972 Giorgio Gavino, developing the family business, created a real brand and opened his first shop in Genoa designing a small collection of clothing for men and women characterized spinnaker logo, the classic auxiliary triangular sail that is hoisted when the 'pace of the boat is "carrier," that is, when the wind hits the boat to the javelin or the stern and then in the gaits of reaching and downwind.

exceptional design, liberty, original style and great love for the sea are the brand values ​​Marina Yachting. On our site you can find marina yachting online sales at attractive prices and for all budgets.

The production process from the creation of prototypes, done almost entirely in Italy, is closely monitored in order to ensure high quality standards and respect for the environment.

Marina Yachting: Style message, innovation and good taste.

Carefully designed balance between technique and urban and maritime lifestyle elegance, the marina yachting online sales proposals are very attractive.

Clothing and beyond, find your shoes Marina Yachting in online showcase

The stars of the Marina Yachting collections are the historical double-breasted coat Pickot and the pull in Idrostop wool.

All men's and women's outfits offering, a set of clothes and accessories, available in four themes: Archive, reinterpreted in a modern key historical leaders for two seasons; Macrologo, personalized items by a large spinnaker dedicated to children; Quayside, leaders with a total look most studied is dedicated to who the sea wants to also live in the city and, finally, Sea only summer clothes with a mix of style and innovation where the choice and use of materials is always on top . To these collections plus the collection "Capsule" 1972 offers great looking garments for men, made from aged tissues and a vintage collection designed for a qualified distribution and selected.

But online shop marina yachting is not only clothing and Young Shoes Salerno look at the Marina Yachting shoes news for everyone! sandals, boots, slip on woman and many other selected products.

Run through our webshop and with a few simple clicks you can buy your favorite model and will be delivered in just 24/48 hours, also on our site marina yachting online store, you will find many offers, but if you want to see the products before the live and marine yachting circles salerno come to our store to look at the goods without obligation to buy.

Shoes Marina Yachting, the original style of Italian marine life also live in the city

For you choose the online marine yachting shoes that are ideal for any woman who loves a sober and elegant way to dress up, above the mode, evoking maritime atmospheres that contaminate the underground culture, you can find down selected for you on our online marina yachting store, will come to your doorstep in just 48 hours!